RSS Feeds and SEO

Displaying RSS Feeds (Really Simple Syndication) on your internet site or weblog permits you to take the content from any other internet site or blog and show it for your personal internet site. It offers you additional content material that you may not in any other case have the time, and perhaps no longer the skill, to prepare. However, there are pros and cons.

The problems
I used RSS Feeds on more than one economic websites a few years in the past. My purpose turned into that (as I will speak in a moment) the feeds could keep the pages fresh and up to date. thridarangar lighthouse Good idea, however you are dependent on the great of the RSS Feed, its pace and its bandwidth. Quite often I would be testing the web site simplest to discover the pages weren’t loading as the RSS Feed was suffering to offer statistics. And this become from a large, widely recognized, provider. So you need to pick out a very good supply and maintain trying out it.

The different trouble is that search engines like google aren’t silly and notice the duplicate content material performing on your internet site. Worse nevertheless, the RSS Feed will absolute confidence link to the imparting site for complete tales, displaying exactly wherein the content is being taken from. So in case you suppose that an RSS Feed will provide you with search engine advantages, think once more.

The advantages
A nicely selected RSS Feed can be exciting in your readers. But I repeat – it should be properly selected. A trendy news feed on a blog approximately a specific problem or area of interest is probably now not going to see any unique advantages to its readers. What you are hoping to do is to offer some greater information to them even as they’re traveling, for instance contemporary golfing rankings on a golfing blog.

However, until you discover a in particular precise supply that your readers can not without difficulty get at themselves, they are much more likely to be going direct, except you’ve got a totally unswerving readership.

However, there are exceptions wherein feeds are very useful. As a reseller of hosting I can take my host’s RSS Feed and display a white label web page of the latest repute updates. As this does not hyperlink to the host’s website, my clients get easy get right of entry to to the information with out understanding the supply.

How do you do it?
For many blogs there are simple plugins to apply to add the feeds into your side bar. For websites you’re in all likelihood to must use PHP or ASP to break down the feed and format it to fit your page.