Beware of shipping cars and automatic transportation fraud websites

Car shipping? Watch out! Recently, a number of fake car delivery and automatic transportation sites appear on the internet. Some of the most common fraud involves a fake truck company website that is not a company at all, but rather, a scammmer tries to attract victims. A user will come to the website to get an automatic shipping offer.

This site may often look legally and is often built to replicate the legitimate automatic transportation company website. The user then returns a very reasonable automatic shipping quote with instructions for payment. After the user pays the automatic transportation Washington State Car Shipper truck never appears and the user spends their money. This type of fraud, however, is quite easily avoided. Here are some tips about identifying websites Shipping Car Scams:

1. Never use a site that recommends using wire transfers. A legitimate car sender never requires wire transfer payments. Most car shipping companies will receive payment methods that offer comsumer protection, such as credit cards.

2. Check to see if the address in the address bar matches the website name. If not, it’s a danger sign.

3. Look for errors – grammar errors, typo errors, etc. If there is, this site is likely to be a hasty scammer work than the actual company.

4. Find the number listed for the site and just call it. Fake sites often make a list of telephone numbers that don’t work or have no numbers at all. All legitimate car sender will have a functioning telephone number. Also look for physical addresses. Fake sites generally do not include the address.

5. Do a google search on the company name. A legitimate and well-established company will return many results referring to the actual company. Fake sites will not.

6. Request a reference. Legitimate car transporters will be able to give you references that you can call or email.

7. Use a car shipping director that has a reputation that is only related to car sender that has a reputation of quality services.