4 Branding Tips for Using Instagram for Your Business

How to Create a Powerful Social Media Marketing Strategy on Instagram

One of the most powerful marketing tools marketers have today is social media. Sharing products and services on social media platforms, from Facebook posts to Twitter tweets, is a great way to increase brand awareness, engagement, sales, and clues.
But when it comes to Instagram marketing, many continue to be confused.
Many of us use Instagram as a personal account for posting photos of family, friends, vacations and food, how can we relate this to our business? And should I do that? With the speed at which Instagram grows, you shouldn’t underestimate the free instagram likes value of driving your brand and marketing efforts.
It has become an incredibly valuable marketing platform, 18-29 years old is still a regular user, but older age groups are catching up rapidly.
Some Instagram statistics from Sprout Social reveal that:

• 7 out of 10 Instagram hashtags are branded

• 80% of users follow their business on Instagram

• 65% of Instagram’s best performers include products

If you want to explore Instagram as part of your social media marketing strategy, check out the first tips below.

1. Use hashtags wisely

You don’t have to include all the hashtags you can suggest in your post, but at least some.
Hashtags are descriptive words for the # sign followed by the image, as used in this example. #Marketing and #ctaconf were the meetings I attended at the time. When the user clicks / enters the hashtag or enters the hashtag in the search box, all images that use the hashtag are displayed. The user can also log in and continue with the hashtag.
We hope that users will see your photos, access your profile and, in the best case, follow you and participate in more publications!

But when hashtags are very popular, the competition for results is fierce. As with SEO keywords, the more popular a term, the harder it is to stay high in search results. So if I wanted to pull some of the posts, my example of how to use #marketing didn’t really help. You want your hashtags not only to be relevant to your business and your location, but also attractive enough for users to enter them into the Instagram search box.
for example:

• Suppose you have a pizzeria in Vancouver. Post a photo of Peparoni Pizza with the hashtag #VancouversBestPizza # NicolosRestaurant #DeliciousDeepDish

• Or a Toronto wedding planner. You are posting a photo of the bride and groom’s first dance with the hashtag # TorontoWeddingPlanner # LoveWins # WinterWedding

Holidays and special occasions are a great opportunity to promote your business and gain followers on Instagram. Whether it’s a Black Friday sale, Thanksgiving product use, or a National Dog Day product list, these are all ideal opportunities to showcase your brand in a non-commercial way. 2. Thank you for coming Audience

Don’t post lots of photos and hashtags and wait for likes.
It takes time to get followers on Instagram, connect with viewers, and increase sales and leads.