What is the leading cause of erectile dysfunction

Penile erection is the most complex method in which the nerves, brain, blood vessels, and muscles play an essential role. In addition, emotions and hormones are at work. Issues in any of these can also result in the inability to maintain or get an erection during sexual activity.

This particular disorder is also known as erectile dysfunction. Multiple reasons can also cause this problem. Some significant causes can differ in various age groups. The leading causes of this erectile dysfunction can be broadly divided as follows.

  • Medications like appetite suppressants, antiandrogens & antidepressants
  • Trauma due to damage or surgery
  • Specific lifestyle factors like lack of addictions or exercise like smoking.

What role does your mental health play in causing this erectile dysfunction

The main problem of a person’s mental health is the most common contributing factor of erectile dysfunction.

  • Anxiety: Anxiety can also stem from anything- worrying about not being able to go a good performance in bed, family responsibilities, finances, and much more. This anxiety also can come in the actual middle of the sexual act & also cause the person to lose the election early.
  • Stress: Daily stress generally wreaks havoc on not only the heart & digestive system of a person but their penis also. Sex can also work as a stress-buster & stress itself can cause many problems in sex.
  • Depression: This depression is the potent dampener of desires, including the sexual desire of a person. Some medications utilized to treat depression can also have erectile dysfunction as a side effect.
  • Anger: Having frequent arguments & getting angry make the person lose interest in sex. Though this particular flush, the face of the person, they decrease the blow flow to a penis, resulting in this dysfunction. There are a lot of medicines for erectile dysfunction, which you can use with the guidance of a medical practitioner.

How can your lifestyle contribute to these sexual problems?

Having a vast amount of fatty food & being physically inactive can make a person gain some extra pounds. Being overweight, particularly obese, also lowers the sex-boosting hormone, known as testosterone, that ultimately affects the sexual performance of a person. This is also linked to hypertension & atherosclerosis, which can also reduce the blood flow to a penis. If you face this kind of problem, you should visit the doctor for erectile dysfunction treatments.


Lifestyle factors can also contribute to these problems in the following ways: Too much alcohol consumption can cause these problems. Smoking can injure a person’s blood vessels and decrease the arterial blood supply to the penis.


So, if you face this kind of problem, you do not need to worry about this.  A slight change in your lifestyle can help you get rid of these problems.