Top 5 Reasons to Check Out the iPhone 11

The iPhone 11 is essentially an S upgrade to last year’s popular iPhone XR. From the top, it appears almost identical to the previous version. However, from the side, it’s different. It now has the exact same look, with the exact same flat screen, the exact same tall bezels, and even the same massive bezels. But beyond these similarities, there are actually some major differences between this year’s version and its predecessors that you should know about.

One of the biggest upgrades from last year’s iphone 11 iPhone 11 is the phone’s hardware. The iPhone 11 Pro has a new two-megapixel camera compared to the one in the iPhone 8 and iPhone 7 Plus models. This upgrade allows for higher quality pictures and videos, as well as better facial recognition technology that automatically adjusts the picture and video to match your face.

However, this larger camera comes at a cost. The iPhone 11 pro costs $500 compared to the iPhone 8’s base price of around $100. It has two cameras instead of the usual three. The camera on the iPhone 11 Pro has a smaller lens than the one found in the iPhone 8 and iPhone 7 Plus models, while the iPhone 8’s lens is the largest lens available on the phone. For this reason, many iPhone users find the size of the lens to be a nuisance rather than a benefit, especially when trying to take high quality photos or videos.

However, Apple is quick to point out that this upgrade to their iPhone hardware is merely the first of many that they will be making. In fact, they’ve already said they’ll be introducing two more phones, one designed specifically for professional photographers and one designed for art enthusiasts. Apple is also planning to release a water resistant iPhone along with the two new high-tech phones. If you’ve been waiting for the perfect accessory to help you capture those amazing moments around the pool or beach, then this is the accessory for you. You’ll be able to capture those special moments with ease and portability, something that you just can’t get with the standard, two camera iPhones.

Speaking of features, one of the biggest features found in Apple’s latest phones is the introduction of the iOS platform. The iPhone offers consumers access to thousands of apps, including those that cater to sports and other hobbies. The iPhone’s multi-functional screen means you can quickly look up information or check the score of your favorite player, even while on the go. The addition of iOS 13.1, which is capable of running most applications that you’re used to using, provides even more functionality to the iPhone and makes it an even more useful device for consumers.

For those of you looking for a larger display, you’ll definitely want to check out the iPhone 11. It comes with a 2.5 inch Super AMOLED Plus display that offers great clarity. In terms of software, the iPhone 11 comes equipped with a new feature called FaceTime HD. With this feature, you can use your iPhone’s video camera to film yourself using your HDTV, right from your couch. This means you won’t need to carry around extra equipment, so if you’re not a fan of carrying around a laptop, you’ll love this feature. FaceTime also works with the iPhone XR, so you can use this super-wide lens camera to take even more incredible photographs.